What is W45?

Our goal to present the Bible in a way that is relevant to preteens in their stage of life and create an experience that allows each child to grow personally in his/her faith. Fun games, cool chair, snacks, worship, and a applicable teaching. With a volunteer base made up of adults and High School/Middle School students, once a child graduates from Warehouse 45, they will begin school and Youth with a friend base already established. As your child matures, our hope is to meet his or her needs with an experience that will truly challenge them and help them to own their faith.

How do I check my child in and out?

At this age, many children are ready for the responsibility that comes with checking themselves out at the end of service. In Warehouse 45, you will be given the option to allow your 4th/5th grader to check out without a parent/guardian. If you decide that your child may check out without you, we will dismiss them at the end of service to meet you at the location you have arranged with the child. If you choose to continue with parent check-out, your child will not leave Warehouse 45 until you check them out with a check-out slip. Every child will still be required to check in as normal.