RL Kids



About Us

 The vision of RL Kids is to transform the world by being a valuable partner to parents in our mission to grow children who know God’s love and purpose for them.


Exploring God’s Word

Our desire is that every child will fall in love with the Word of God. Whether an infant, a preteen or somewhere in between, we are intentional with each moment, introducing Bible stories in an age-appropriate way and helping kids apply that teaching to their lives.

Experiencing God’s Love

Church should be a place where a child can experience love in a way that can happen nowhere else. This is a safe place where every child knows they matter to us and they matter to God. We will help kids understand just how much God loves them and how they can respond to that amazing love.

Safe & Secure

We provide safe, clean spaces that are staffed with background-checked, trained and equipped volunteers along with a secure check-in system. We strive to provide a place where your child is able to build small group relationships with both their leaders and their peers.

Partnering With Parents

Our mission is urgent. By the time your children turn 18 and start preparing to leave your home and start their adult life, they will have spent only 936 weeks with you. We consider every one of those weeks to be an opportunity to form their spiritual foundation.

Take a look at what they bring home. For each age group, there are handouts that go home with your child. These provide information on what your child learned that day, tools to help them study God’s Word, and ways for you to reinforce the lesson at home and help them apply what they have learned in their daily lives.



Birth-5 Years

Spark is all about one thing- showing the love of Jesus to every child. Our trusted leaders create an experience of God’s unconditional love in a clean and safe environment.

For infants, that can be developmental toys, soft music and a comforting touch. As they get older, we share with them age-appropriate Bible lessons, crafts, music, and games that illustrate God’s amazing character.




Knowing God is the spark that can start a spiritual fire in children. Ignition happens when children begin to learn about Jesus. Through exciting teaching with our exceptional leaders, upbeat worship, and small group time with friends, kids learn about how they can become the leaders God has designed them to be.

With the Bible Project cards given each week, families can read the week’s story in the Bible and talk about it together. Each month, they will also learn a “Life Virtue” that allows them to explore the purpose God has for them and how they can show His love to the world around them.


 What is W45?

Our goal to present the Bible in a way that is relevant to preteens in their stage of life and create an experience that allows each child to grow personally in his/her faith. Fun games, cool chair, snacks, worship, and a applicable teaching. With a volunteer base made up of adults and High School/Middle School students, once a child graduates from Warehouse 45, they will begin school and Youth with a friend base already established. As your child matures, our hope is to meet his or her needs with an experience that will truly challenge them and help them to own their faith.

How do I check my child in and out?

At this age, many children are ready for the responsibility that comes with checking themselves out at the end of service. In Warehouse 45, you will be given the option to allow your 4th/5th grader to check out without a parent/guardian. If you decide that your child may check out without you, we will dismiss them at the end of service to meet you at the location you have arranged with the child. If you choose to continue with parent check-out, your child will not leave Warehouse 45 until you check them out with a check-out slip. Every child will still be required to check in as normal.